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Classes and Workshops

The Green Drake strives to increase educational opportunities in all of the arts in central Pennsylvania. We are offering classes and workshops in the visual arts, music, and other art forms . If you are an artist/instructor and would like to consider presenting at the Green Drake, please get in touch!

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Arts Community

The Green Drake Arts Community is a critical part of our overall concept and mission. Art is a constantly happening and unfolding thing here. The entire upstairs is dedicated to artists, from hopeful beginners to working professionals, pursuing their creative dreams. Along with several semi-private studio spaces, we have a spacious, well-lit, and equipped room that is open 24/7 to Arts Community members. It is also open to visitors during gallery hours or when regular members have the door unlocked. Those wishing to visit long enough to actually spend some time trying out the space as a "studio away from home" are simply asked to drop a dollar or two in the donation jar to be a "member for the day".

The Arts Community room has easels, work tables, and comfortable furniture for writing, playing music, or just hanging out around other creative people. We also have wi-fi access for those bringing a laptop and a stereo system. Members generally bring their own supplies, tools, or instruments, but there are a few donated art supplies and house instruments around to try out. There is also a kitchen corner with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker, as well as bathroom and slop sink facilities. And, there is open floor space for those wishing to pursue small-scale dance or performance art activities. As the community develops, we'll try to keep meeting the needs of members. 

The annual membership fee is $100. If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more, email us at or call Karl at 814-422-8461, or use the "Donate" button below.

Friends of the Green Drake

While we are (for now) a for-profit Limited Partnership, we have only been breaking even for our seven years of existence. We are a valued part of the community and bring many things to the area that would typically be provided through a non-profit. These include poetry readings, unusual music concerts and jams, and lessons in both music and the visual arts. We invite community members and other fans of our mission to become involved through volunteering, financial support, or both.

If you are interested in volunteering your time in any of a number of ways, contact us at . Donations of any size are greatly appreciated, as they help keep the lights on as well as bring additional events and activities we would not otherwise be able to afford. Any amount is helpful, and makes you a Friend of the Green Drake, but we have a few perks for you at specific (annual) levels of support.

At $100/year (or $9/month) or more, you get membership in the Arts Community, with 24/7 access to the main studio room upstairs. You can bring art supplies or a musical instrument and spend time in creative pursuit, perhaps in the company of one or more other artists. Or, you can just come to use our wi-fi, bathroom, and microwave as a little home away from home. There are plenty of little corners to settle into so crowding is never a problem.

At $200/year (or $18/month) or more, you get the Arts Community membership and also a 10% discount on any purchases from the gallery. This is in addition to any other sales that may be applicable.

To donate, use the Donate button or stop by the gallery with a check or to use a credit/debit card in person. The button will take you to a PayPal page where you can choose a one-time donation in any amount or a recurring monthly automatic donation, if that works better for you. If you wish to do both, use the button separately for each. Also, be sure to include your email so we can give you the details of using your membership privileges. THANK YOU for supporting the Green Drake!


Studio Spaces

From time to time, we have individual studio spaces available upstairs at a monthly rental rate. These are semi-private and vary from 150-250 square feet. Get in touch to see what may be currently available.


Meeting Spaces

The back end of our large upstairs community room is now available for small group meetings, video or web viewing on a large-screen TV, etc. The space is approximately 350 square feet and is suitable for up to 10-20 people, depending on the use. Cost is on a donation basis, and can be discussed. The main gallery downstairs can also be used for larger meetings or events when not open for business, again on an arranged donation basis.