Winter at the Green Drake

So sorry we’ve been remiss at keeping up with the blog! After a busy holiday season, things have finally quieted down. we still have our holiday “100 Under $100” show of small, very affordable fine art, but only until the end of January.

Starting at the beginning of february and running through the day before Spring, we’ll have our annual mid-winter sale, with nearly all fine art tagged at 15% off the ticketed price. If you have a favorite artist you like to collect, or you’ve been thinking about a particular piece, now is the time to get the best possible price!

New jewelry artist Dana Pitzer and several of her friends have been rearranging the front part of the gallery and it looks great! We’ve also been working on bringing in some new artists and switching in new work by our regular artists, so there is a lot to see. Below are just a few examples.