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We are honored to represent internationally known sculptor Mark Pilato, in cooperation with the nearby C. Barton McCann School of Art. Mark is Artist in Residence at the McCann School, where he has his main studio.

The kickoff opening reception for Mark's work at the Green Drake was December 7, 2012. While Mark's work is generally moving around to different shows and locations, we can still make arrangements to view and/or purchase his work.

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Mark Pilato with his sculpture, Modern Day Thinker. Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA. Photo by Dana Morrison.

Photo by Dana Morrison


Ever since Mark Pilato finished his first sculpture at nine, he has been building a vocabulary in clay and form. This personal process of
thinking has enabled him to sculpt his thoughts resulting in meaningful, sensitive statements made visible in clay, wax and bronze.

Each of Mark’s sculptures represents a journey of exploration and discovery.  As he develops a work of art, Mark continually modifies
the form often hundreds of times sometimes by wiping the form almost completely away, leaving just a shadow of what was and then finding something more as the sculpture evolves.

Sculpture by Mark Pilato at the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA, closeup.

As an internationally recognized artist, Mark Pilato’s works reside in private and public collections throughout the United States, as well
as in Italy and Japan.  A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he has made a name for himself in the fine art world with his distinctive style and innovative techniques for creating bronze sculpture.

A driving force behind his sculpture was born through inspiration from a childhood friend, Clare Snetsinger, who believed peace is possible right now, right here, in every moment. When sculpting Mark can relate to these words so that no matter what issues or problems he may be facing, he is able to focus and find a peaceful place, allowing him to mentally ask questions he is pondering and letting the process take him forward. Forms change and whisper answers. Thoughts converge, breaking up and disappearing; new ideas are born, taking root in clay, moving through wax into bronze.

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